Sunday, 21 January 2007

Day17 Hammer and sketching

Did the intro tutes for hammer and it was all coming back to me. Hammer is pretty good and very fast using the built-in textures etc. I will have to do some more work on how to get them to wrap around things nicely.
Then did a little room start - but the graphics was going funny. So to test I fired up HL2 and it was running beautifully - so well that I played a little. It is just sooo good.

I did a sketch for a dragon-hand for Wesley's shirt - should be fun.
Plus a nice little drawing of a thin dress warrior while watching The Two Towers - lovely stuff.

WoW was fun - tinkering with the Blood Elves a little and then takong Oggy out to slay 60s while 55 - super.
[journeytime = 3 hours]