Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Day26 Garys Mod, training and Second Life

Did a lot of testing with Gary's Mod in HL2 - man is it amazing. Creating objects with thrusters, wheels, balloons, lights and more - crazy fun.

Had several good long discussions about FBE using Second Life as a vehicle for both an online presence and a way for students to show their work - both images and full modelled environments. We also covered using HL2 which brings a better interface and a far more emersive experience with lighting, physics and details.
Installed and tried out SL for myself after seeing it for the first time today. If only it supported importing models - then we could use our higher-end tools to do the creating and integrate the SL world into other processes.

Training - put in my application for a MAD Course. Am looking seriously at doing the full program (despite the $10K) maybe taking some serious time off for it and gardening.

[journeytime = 3.5 hours]