Friday, 2 February 2007

Day29 Discussions and gaming

Showed off Second Life and HL2 to BZ, JP, PM and Deano today. In my opinion there just isnt enough value in what SL can offer (bit laggy, unresponsive, full of people not actually doing anything etc). It has the feel of a great first attempt at something like this - it just feels like it needs some polish.
I like the potential of HL2 to explore the finer elements of Architecture and spaces, plus its better linkage to our other tools like 3DsMax, Solidoworks and such.

Back into WoW today after a few days of absence (57 now, almost able to head for the old homeworld) - it is interesting to see (for me) how much more engaging it is than SL (even on the chat side). It has a much more visibly active community and economy than I have seen in SL where the ecomony is more overtly visible.

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]