Sunday, 4 February 2007

Day31 Online

Diving into the online CGart worlds today.
There is a nice little piece in my ImagineFX mag on entering online competitions at sites like: (beware)
The work of people displayed on these sites is inspiring, it can all be done. I need to develop some serious software skills and combine that with some education on the fundamentals of imagery, animation, characterisation, mood and more. It also shows that I have a looong way to go - this is no 5 minute journey.

I will start looking now at not only courses in digital media and related areas, but also taking some serious time off to dedicate enough time and momentum to the task. Maybe halftime, though that will leave BECU running on empty a little.

WoW - should I abandon it, or use it as part of the whole? Being a part of this type of game/online community/3D world of the quality that Blizzard have produced is of significant value. Being able to interact with friends in the environment I hope to be a part of at the production side has value.
With that - more Plaguelands for me!

Watched some of the creation doco on the Final Fantasy DVD, it re-emphasises the great amount of work, thought and energy that goes into something like this. There is definative skill in creating the magic of the whole while engine builds all the myriad of details and parts.
I made a few prelim sketches for a cute animation that might form part of a showreel. A little person playing before looking at the camera - getting a freight and having all their freckles fall off :-)

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]