Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Day33 Colouring the Priestess

Coloured in photoshop the Luna Priestess sketch. The theory came back pretty fast - it is quite a simple treatment, but I like it as my first for a looooong time.
It is a little overdone in places - I might tidy up another night. She certainly has a skinny waist and some of the pencil work is kinda rough when you zoom-in. I might try and 'ink' it or play with editing the sketch layers to fix that up a little (areas like her chin maybe).

I will have to try my tablet for this next time round and try some more effects particularly on the fabric and lighting side.

Read a nice article on Volumetric lighting in the ImagineFX mag by Henning Ludvigsen. The bits about the transparency of skin is very nice. I even say some beautiful volumetric lighting coming into the airport tunnel today - sweet. I will have to give it a try next.

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]