Sunday, 11 February 2007

Day38 Sketches and the Incredibles

Watched The Incredibles on DVD - boy are those Pixar guys just amazing. There is some beautiful big stuff and then some inspired subtle work.

I watched it through a second time listening to the animators and it really rams home the amount of work a film like this takes. It is really interesting to hear them talk about the animation side and that things like cloth and hair come later from a different team. How they would be given just a scene to work with and even then in teams where each character would have a different animator.
I just love the characterisations...
I did some more mermaid-centric sketches - one I inked in outline to see if that is any different for colouring. I have started to colour a really rough sketch to see how that comes out as well.
I opened up the BLOG to the world today - I dont think there is anything to safeguard the way it is turning out. Things are also starting to get more graphical here as well which is a good thing.
[journeytime = 4 hours]