Thursday, 15 February 2007

Day42 HL2 modding and future

Russell and I had a good talk about HL2, UT and other games and thier application to the kind of Architectural/Design work that he is into. Not only is the slightly older tech of things like UT2004 still excellent, but the newer HL2 and the coming UT2007 are beautiful in so many ways.
We will have to work out some fluid ways for students to work through modding, the plugins, accounts and licensing.

Dived back into Hammer again today and started creating the basics of a new place playing with many of the pieces that will come into being when I attempt the Red Centre. The sky boxes always seem to wreak havok - have to work out how they work properly.

Setup the Wacom graphire3 tablet and did some tests in photoshop - EKELENT !

I did 2 pretty sweet doodles/sketches while in meetings today to top things off.

[journeytime = 3.5 hours]