Friday, 16 March 2007

Day 71 Million Masterpiece and more

Started looking at the Million Masterpiece Project so I can add my part to the big ball. Only put in a background so far - should be fun to create more. The way you can PLAY the creation of a piece is really awesome!!!!


Looking at graphics cards revealed some interesting stuff as far as what the workstation cards like the Quadros deliver over what the desktop cards do.
comparison of quadro specs:
quadro vs geforce (see FAQ.3):


Created a tech-tank mailing list at work to share ideas and tech discoveries with the like minded folk there. FIrst post from me pointed them at Spore and Hexagon, while talking about the graphics card things above. This should be a good facilitator of discussion for us.


Friday WoWing - good to get back into it again. Hit Lev60 finally - YAY YAY YAY

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]