Saturday, 10 March 2007

Day65 Elf and Shrek

Watched both the Shrek movies in full today - the improvements from 1 - 2 are marked and impressive. Both do an awesome job of character realisation, even if the animation is awkward or floaty in places (though this is major-nit-picking).
The films are simply outstanding really, from the voice cast through to editing. Probably the most impressive CG stuff are the backgrounds and environments - breathtaking.
I have to play with Bryce or similar soon to see what can be done by someone like me.

Shrek3 is also coming soon (May I believe) - should be a blast.


Started colour work on my elf-male sketch using photoshop. I tried using the smudge tool rather than the burn and dodge tools I usually use. This took alot of getting used to - until I realised that is should be used in conjunction with lots of paint tool work to get the transitions smoother. It should be finished tomorrow - by way of a preview here is the sketch:

[journeytime = 3.5 hours]