Sunday, 11 March 2007

Day66 Elf Complete, Tarzan and more

Finished up the colouring of the Elf. I did end up using donge/burn for the hair to retain the individual hairs while getting some shape and compositional definition going. I think the image has a good feel about it and a different character to my previous work.
The background is just some freehand fun, the paintbrush tool (using colour burn etc) and the dodge.burn tools can be awesome together. Oh and without my trusty WACOM tablet this would all be impossible of course.
I tried (and succeeded I think) to keep him pretty efeminate, he is an elf - not a human and should have that feel. At the same time he has his toughness.
Here is the finished pic:


Watched Disney's Tarzan animated movie - man is the animation great in this movie. The scene where tarzan takes on the jaguar is spectacular in so many ways. But this quality is aparent in many other parts of the movie. The expressive way tarzan moves and the great weight they impart to him and the gorillas - digital animation rarely hits these heights.

Did some more sketches.

WoW - did enough to get myself almost to 60 now - one more session and I will finally reach this lofty goal. The main chunk of the guild is of course 61+ now - sigh.

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]