Saturday, 17 March 2007

Day72 Mags and Million Masterpiece

Grabbed some new mags - some inital comments before more thoughts later.
ImagineFX Feb2007 - some amazing stuff, Marko Djudjevic and Skan Srisuwan particularly shine.
3Dworld 87 - coverage of Vue and Bryce (have to try these).
International Developer 47 - SL and MMOG features look good.


Million Masterpiece - check out:
A nice piece for sure but if you follow his link to the page that covers how it was created it is very interesting. He created software to build the image in the online software comparing the current pic with the reference image:

This is where my oinkfrog is upto. He is way out in the outer-rim looking back at the whole sphere. There really are some impressive pieces in there...

My profile/pic can be found at:
People should really be looking at the good ones in here to learn how quickly people can realise an idea and use a very simple tool like this to evolve an image to great effect.


WoW is going well, didnt do alot except get my 60 skills - they are expensive but good. Being in a group again was fun and requires quite a different playstyle. When things go crazy it is amazing to see just how many creatures fall to the might of a group.

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]