Sunday, 18 March 2007

Day73 Bioshock and more

Well it looks like it will be just as moody and scary to play as doom4 with a few twists that bring it out as something special. The open ended feel and the AI changes should make for quite an experience. Take a look at the videos on as they show not only the sheer class of the engine, but also talks through some of the special stuff.

[screenshots from the bioshock site]
According to Wikipedia the engine is another derivative of Unreal's work (was Vengence2 based on Unreal2.5, now Unreal3) - it is rather stunning!


Setup Hammer to work with GMod finally - not a smooth process, but it works. Have to work out how to launch it from within hammer (that would be nice).


The Million Masterpiece (I'm at and it is fun to see the comments arrive - the pic seems to cheer people up :-)


DAZ - started on a simple piece with the intent of some photoshop postwork.
Here is the basic piece before any 2D work:

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]

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