Monday, 19 March 2007

Day74 ColourDAZ

Well I did a first run through colouring the DAZ image. It didnt turn out anything like what I intended - but this is enough for today, maybe it will grow on me :-)


I accepted my offer into COFA's Masters of Digital Media today for session2 - YAY.
Here is a pic from the COFA website [Justine Wong's Bananaman] to give some flavour of what might be to come:
[Justine Wong from COFA site]
Since COFA is MAYA-centric, had a good look at the Maya 8.5 area on the AutoDesk site.
The integration of Pythin scripting gives development in Maya some potential flow-on skills to other pythonish areas which is neat. The MentalRay material presets for glass and metal are very niiiice.

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]

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