Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Day75 Blender

Some discussion over Bioshock today. Sebs and I reminisced over Fallout (is it the same folk or just honouring this great little adventure game from the past). I was tricked at first and thought the trailer was using the game engine - but when you watch it again it is obviously waaay outclassing the ingame shots.

Hopefully some of it will live upto the hype. Is the predictability of the AI still apparent even though entities go about their business. The voice over explains quite clearly that if we leave the girls alone after scaring her then the protector thing wont attack - this means the AI is quite strict. Maybe sometime if you scare the girl then the protector should just attack you until you run away - that would make it less predictable (predictability can look very computerised).


http://www.blender.org/ - well I havent looked at Blender for ages now and things have certainly evolved in that time.
The sculpt mode video is very nice indeed and shows that in the right hands a free app like this can do grand things. http://www.blender.org/features-gallery/features/feature-videos/

this quote from the site kinda says it all:
Blender is the first and only fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite allowing modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, realtime interactive 3D and game creation and playback with cross-platform compatibility - all in one tidy, easily and free downloadable package! "Blender is quickly being transformed from an impressive 3D creativity tool to a full-blown games and new media design application." Garrick Webster, Editor, Computer Arts Magazine

Images from the site demostrating the in-app capability and some renders as well:

Blender uses Python for scripting as well, following up my look at its inclusion into Maya. The installer is just 8MB (insanely small) - so I installed it.
I ran through the fist part of the getting started tute (snow scene). The logic of the app is quite different to any other I have used before and the emphasis on shortcut keys makes is powerful if you use it regularly. Some of the window controls and things are counter-intuative when compared to alot of other apps. But perhaps once used to it - it is waaay better...

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