Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Day83 display kit and Hero

Hero was a blast today - the save the cheerleader episode. I like the way the threads are all cut together and how the various characters all have their tiny piece to play in ticking the plot along. Weaving this many pieces together effectively is a real craft.


Worked on some schematics for the plasma display kit for juries today with several other folk. It is looking very promising in design and funding. Now to mock it up in some 3D app just for the practice! The current design will wield 2 plasma pannels mounted within a steel frame matching the pinup pannels in the works thus far. How much realestate will a student need and how will they run 2-4 pannels?
Looking around on the net revealed ways for a laptop to run another 3 screens - but to get to 4 screens would seem to require 2 graphics cards in a desktop.
Will people ever need to split things more than this - eg run 4 powerpoint presentations at once??

[journeytime = 1 hour]

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