Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Day104 Mags, Panels and UT2004

New Mags
Got myself new editions of 3D World (issue 88) and my current favourite ImagineFX (march 2007). The imagineFX mag itself is beautiful and even a quick flick through reveals heaps of inspiration. I particularly like the back cover (by Hoang Nguyen) and the overlay splotch printing.


Presentation Panels
Looked more into using Plasma/LCD panel technology on a big scale for digital design presentations and juries. At HD res (1920 x 1080) you can get a fair amount of detail on screen at quite small sizes if required. This is better than I thought, I expected the resolution issue was going to make line drawing and text presentation types overly restricted.

This is a crude (and overly jpeg'ed) sample at the right resolution. It shows that a single HD res panel can show quite a bit. We still have to test how well the TVs actually cope displaying things like this - this will need a demo screen.


Russell Demo
Russell Lowe showed me bits of a presentation he has been giving including snippets of work done in Solid Works, 3DS Max, UT 2004 and Garry's Mod. I was most impressed with the UT editor and capability to load geometry straight in from sources like Max. Since it does per-poly colision detection there is no need to deal with HL2's colision models and such. This (along with support for them) makes importing just soooo simple. Plus the deformation painting (raise, lower, level etc) makes terrain building something that apps like Max just cant do.
Should I go out and get a copy of UT2004, or just stick with using Hammer for now and check out UT2007 when it finally arrives.

Showed Russell the very nicely realised Eclipe mod for HL2 (see yesterday). I think it shows the potential of the medium/engine to do more that HL2 and CS type gameplay.


Heroes Ep12
Another fun ride, I love Hiro's character the best and his new search for the sword.

[journeytime = 2 hours]

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