Thursday, 19 April 2007

Day105 MacbookPro & Modding

I was looking at the Macbook Pro configs today ( Why do they only sport ATI X1600s? A quick glance at ATI's mobile range ( - shows this not really up to scratch anymore. Certainly this config is no comparison with the workstation grunt that Dell brings to the table in its Precision range. Other folk have grunty laptops on offer as well - for a graphics hungry workstation type user can the MacBook Pro cut it?
That said it sports lots of lovely things in the kit and is (as always) a gorgeos piece of design.


Farcry could be another modding alternative - a very quick look at the site ( shows it might make some things easy (terrain for example)
Doom/Quake is of course another possibility. I will have to find some time to check all these out for this purpose.
Looking at a Doom3 site like Doom3World and their forums ( reveals a host of applications used in mod development.

The lure of the GMod was just too strong. I set about making some test 'ropes' using the logic of cans strung together with ball joints. This was kinda working, so I then joined some cabinet doors together with ropes and got some quite beautiful results. This was actually starting to push my machine having all these going - so ropes and geometry and all the lighting is no trivial task for the engine. object combinations like these should be able to simulate deformable beams and structures and get around the current fact that ropes etc pass through things.

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

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