Friday, 20 April 2007

Day106 the future and WoW

2010 FBE thinking
Did some work looking at a future ICT state for FBE targeting not the far flug, but just a handful of years away. What sort of IT environment should a place like FBE be moving towards, what parts are quite different from what we have so far and what big decisions do we need to take.
So this is not just generic evolution of where we are already going - but more open thinking of the landscape that should exist to facilitate the design computing world in which FBE will be operating.

Got through Hellfire Citadel with only a single death for me and not alot of others this time around. so much fun playing in groups with roles and objectives etc. Lev61 came along for the ride as well - yipee.

[journeytime = 1 hour]

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