Saturday, 21 April 2007

Day107 GMod, DAZ and MM

Did some more work in Gmod making ropes and elements from multitudes of pieces.
I havent found a combo that works perfectly as yet - but it is coming together a little.


DAZ and V4
Had a look around the DAZ Productions site - should I go and grab V4 (Victoria 4) or more kit for A3 (Aiko 3) - how do I have enough pieces to actually make something useful. Plus do the purchased models let me start playing with animations, rigging, facial expressions, morphing and such. Is using Daz Studio sufficient - is Poser the go - or Max even?
Obviously some of the things V4/A3 morphs can do are simply beautiful.
Here are just a few stunning examples from the DAZ site of the product before they are applied to situational renders - see their gallery as well.( )

[images of purchase sets from the DAZ site featuring Victoria 4]

I played around a little more today with the basic A3 and V3 models that I do have (free) and it certainly has promise. I now understand the object heirarchy better, but creating content looks crazy in the base DAZ Studio toolset.

Million Masterpiece Oinkfrog
The comments continue to come for my little bash at an oinkfrog on the excellent Million Masterpiece site ( Obviously no where even close to the number of comments for some of the talented artists features in the huge ball. I assume/guess the almost 25,000 members means that many squares are live...

[link direct to my Million Masterpiece square]

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]

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