Sunday, 22 April 2007

Day108 3D World Mag, the PS3 and more

3D World 88

Reading through my new mag there were a bunch of stories that I really liked. The info on the tech of the PS3 ( revealed what to me is movie-making-behavour in the game industry now. Lots of the terminology is now the same as we see in visual effects, rendering and animation work. I will have a closer look at the individual titles of note in coming days (Outsider, Heavy Rain, MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword etc). It was most interesting to see that the developers were all moving to Maya (in line with the movie production houses). I wonder if any of the PS3 titles will allow is to mod them in the same way we have seen major games on the PC allow?

The graphical grunt of the box is nice, but the PC graphics arena is blooming again and will leave the PS3 way behind I think. Before long PCs will have zillions of Cores, memory to burn, plus graphics and physics engines that will simply put do the unbelievable.

[image from the PS3 area of the sony australia site]

I am sure the box will be emesely successful, Sony have created a box that will lure game developers and thus gamers to it. Perhaps we will see more games bridging the PC/console divide as well.


There is a review of Poser 7 as well - and though it doesnt get much of a rave it does score pretty well. One obvious thing is its support (via exporters etc) to Max and Maya etc. This alone is making a tempting proposition, and since the DAZ models are all fully functional inside Poser the choice gets a little easier again.

Then there is Mudbox 1.0 a new app on the block - but it looks like an inspired arrival. I thought it was a new Zbrushy app, but some of the logic separates the two. It really does look quite special and I will take a closer look at this baby as well.

Anyhow, lots of leads to be followed.


Sim City 4
Yes, back into this classic for a little look again. I love the logic of the game and the way it 'plays' on its own, combine that with the terrain and city creation and it is simply a joy. (oh and it isnt about slaying everything which is nice). I tried building an agricultural city and was pleasantly surprised at the success I was having.

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

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