Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Day111 Enreal3 Engine, TMNT

Unreal3 Engine
With UT2007 still coming there are more games that seem to have licensed the Unreal3 engine for development of future releases. Their site ( has a nice roundup of the Unreal Engine 3's capabilities and features. Here are some screengrabs from the site actaully showing UnrealEd in action - cant wait.

[images from the Unreal Technology site]


TMNT Movie
Had a ball watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. I have loved the 4 green guys since the beginning - in fact the original comic was just black'n'white. Anyhow onto the movie - I found myself enjoying the ride, even though it is targeted at a much younger audience. The animation and characterisation was fun and engaging. Some of the effects were great to watch, the rain fight sequence, the opening sweep through the city with the turtles, the glowing armour death at the end, the coming to life of the statues and a host more. Though it may not break any technical barriers, it does extend the medium adding some of the smooth camera and animation that reminds me of the hand crafted Tarzan. HK based Imagi ( did the CG work and look to have done a few other things - top stuff!

Anyhow - the movie site ( has some nice images and vids. The IMDB site ( has a host more pickies (though small).
The screen images are from the Superhero Hype site (

[images from the TMNT movie from the Superhero Hype site]
Ninja Turtles Comic
Just for those who can remember waaay back to where it all began (1984) - though I didnt run into the fun until a few years later. Head over to the TMNT site ( where you can go all nostalgic at bits of the original Eastman Laird comic - droooool. In fact you can read the entire original comic there - site is frames driven - sorry about the lack of link. It is a testament to the quality of the original that the feel, characters, story and look hasnt changed much in the last 23 years! Here's a teaser for ya of the smaller images:
[comic pages from the first TMNT comic from 1984]


Hammering the Squarehouse
With our refurb of the squarehouse coming Russell and I are thinking of building a model of the area in HL2, it has the potential to showcase the project and get more buy-in from upper management and understanding from all. Plus it will be a fun project to get our teeth into.
The workshop type space and surrounds should fit very well with the 'feel' of Half Life and we should be able to leverage alot of the included textures - esp at the start. Getting the 'equipment' in there will be entertaining as will the groupwork aspects.
Had a small go at Hammer again - getting the feel for the app again and how it interacts with Gmod (our environment of choice)
Add to this day a healthy dose 0f Wallace & Gromit, so fun to see see the kids laugh out loud at something we enjoy and also appreciate the craft.
Heroes Ep13 - still loving the ride even though we are in joiner story lines in the larger arcs at the moment. There are still enough tense and revealing moments to make it great viewing. Christopher Eccleston is fun to have included now as well, being a Dr Who fan (we just need him to say "Fantastic" :-)

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