Thursday, 26 April 2007

Day112 Arch Vis, V4 Muscles

Architectural Visualisation
I got some info from AutoDesk about their Design Visualisation Asia Pacific Tour today ( which features speakers from 2 Aussie companies.
Digital Line ( have done some nice work which you can see via their site.
Last Pixel ( on the other hand are doing stunning stuff on a nice range of projects from city planning to detailed interiors. Their showreel ( is beautiful.
Here are a few images of the work Last Pixel have done:

[images from Last Pixel's site showing some of their work]

Real-time visualisation (perhaps with game engine tech) is somehting neither company's sites mention, this could be an exciting area going forward, not only being flexible and emersive, but also multi-person.


DAZ Victoria 4 Muscle Maps
DAZ Studios now have muscle maps for V4 which look like hey will add a whole new set of capabilities to the model. It could be great for artists wanting to get a feel for the underlying musculature. Some could use it for biological education even - they look very clever.
Here are a few of their promo images from the site (

[images from the DAZ site promoing the V4.1 Muscle Morph and Maps bundle]

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