Friday, 27 April 2007

Day113 UT3

Unreal Tournament 3
Another little look at the promo stuff for this coming superstar of gaming. I will have to get used to calling it UT3 rather than UT2007 now I guess, I just hope they dont keep us waiting toooo long. Anyhow the graphics and character animation seen in the trailer ( look really awesome. I think the tech of the engine could make all kinds of games. This visual splendout along with what I hear the AI and physics can do - should allow a great level of emersion. It is this that, for me, set HL2 so far above the rest, it wasnt just about adrenaline, gore, explosions and fancy guns - it was an engaging world that sucked you in and made you 'feel' things.
These images are from the Unreal3 site and show the extreme detail levels (in every part - scens, models, textures, lighting, effects etc etc):

[ingame type shots of the coming UT3 from their site]


Created a test map for the squarehouse, got colums grids, some textures, 2D skyboxes and basic things fo the sort going - just to get a feel for them and the interactions with the might Gmod.

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