Sunday, 29 April 2007

Day114 - 3D World Mag

3D World 89 Mag
Got the new 3D World with the CG gibbon on the cover. The info covering the advancing tech of the game engines is pertinant. That the real-time engines are catching up with the movie-type rendering is changing many things. The feats performed by the current engines are what we drooled over from movies just a few years ago - and now it happens live. The impact this can have on industries like Architectural Visualisation are obvious - and this is one wave it would be great to ride.
The reviews are interesting for the likes of Softimage XSI 6, DAZ's Victoria 4 and Solidworks 2007.
The new Nvidia Quadro's geared up for DirectX 10 are here and with suitably super specs to go with them. Have to look into this some more. How ready is Vista for all these sexy apps we use??
[cover of 3D World 89 from their website]

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