Monday, 30 April 2007

Day116 Hammering

Hammering the Squarehouse
Armed with some real-life measurements (in inches) and a nice new plan I set about building the structure for the squarehouse in Hammer. For some reason (not yet knwn) my compile times are kinda loooong. Despite that it is coming together as a really basic piece of work. Once I build some more internal and glass feature walls it should really look the part already. Should we make the doors, machines and lights etc actually work - I think this would be a nice touch.
I will have to see if there is a sane way to get an image into hammer to use as reference - so I can copy over the top to build bits without measuring.
The image below is from GV3 and shows where I am upto so far. The map compile time was simply unbearable for a while there. I changed all the columns and beams to func_detail - that fixed everything!

[images of my squarehouse HL2 level built in hammer to Gmod]

Magazine Subscriptions
Subscribing to 3D World direct to the UK is a princely $180AU. 13 issues in the shops (at their slowpoke rate) is more like $260AU - so this is a very sensible idea!!
I have contacted the 2 big local subscription companies to see if they can help me out with 3D World and ImagineFX. If not, I will go direct :-)

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