Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Day90 Guild Wars +

Guild Wars
Well, today a little peek at Guild Wars. This MMORPG has some actually different thematic ideas in it - differentiating it from much of the competition.
It has a serious PVP bias, which means it probably isnt my cup of tea - but perhaps there is still plenty of PVE content for a casual player like me.

Here are the screenshots from the website - well a small selection of them anyhow.

[screenshot images from the Guild Wars website]

As these images make glaringly obvious - it s a beautiful looking game - the detail level is high and the environments lushly textured.


Heroes was another inspiration episode - the plotlines intersected at a whole lot more places and we got to see the origin of Sylar.


WoWing again - bit more of the low level mage - got to 12 - still not sure about the class yet...

[journeytime = 1 hour]

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