Monday, 9 April 2007

Day95 HL2 Ep1 and Lara

Half-Life 2 : Episode1
Dived into the world of the Freeman again!
What a ride it is too, it is still very linear in the same vain as HL2 - but they bend the rules just enough as you go along to keep it enthralling. Right from the start when Dog chucks you over to the citadel in the car there is some beautiful character stuff (Alix, Dog and co).
The linearity has the effect of me feeling like I am going to succeed perhaps more than I should.
The environment is in the same style (it is the same place) - the scale is vast allowing you to see far off locations that you are working your way towards. The winding puzzles had plenty of 'cool' factor so far.


Lara Croft: Anniversary
She is coming back again. One thing that is worth admiring in the Tomb Raider series are the environments. They play a critical role in each level as part of the 'puzzle'. They also empart alot of the feel and engage with the player. I would love to see the physics of say HL2 built into the Tomb Raider games as well - having the environmental puzzles not quite so colsole like - but fully 3D with the dynamics of physics. Add to this pot the gorgeos protagonist and the particular brand of camera/interface and it should be a winner.
Note that I have no idea how much physics and Lara will coincide - I just hope they do more than just token physics for us all.
Here are a few little pics from IGN's review:

[screeenshot images of Tomb Raider: Anniversary from the IGN site]


WoW - yes just a little to finish off

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

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