Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Day117 Hammering and Mags

Hammering the Squarehouse
more work on the squarehouse HL2 project. Lots of subtle yet critical things I dont know the answers to at this point. For instance, should glass panel window walls be constructed as geometry or using textures - I might try both ways and see how they look.
I think it weird that you use CTRL-t to set values while alt-enter just shows them to you. Anyhow - here is where it's upto. Temp textures and brushes in most locations, so even though it is rough - it is starting to look like the squarehouse.

[pic from inside gmod/HL2 of the squarehouse project]

Magazine Subscriptions
I subscribed direct for 13 issues of both ImagineFX and 3D World from the UK !! This isnt cheap, but will save a bundle over the course of the year. Cant wait to start getting the mags now. It is sad that I am not supporting the local stores that bothered to stock these titles, but at $20 a pop here it just isnt sustainable.

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