Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Day118 CeBIT

Yes computer show time ( There was a definative service and business relationship thing going on. So nothing too glitzy and consumerish - not nearly enough anyhow. So even though we didnt get all the big supplier folk exhibiting (though I wish we did) - there was still some fun stuff to see.
My favourite was the CSIRO guys stuff, in particular their virtual 3D skin model combined with the force feedback stylus - just awesome. I got to play with the big Cintiq panel from Wacom using Modo and photoshop. Qld IT has some interesting 3D comms tower radiation modelling. Panasonic had their simply HUGE 103" plasma - wow is it impressive, plus they had touch screen 50" models and capabilities for joining multiple panels - all gooood stuff.
Google was there - though with an adsense and analytics flavour - rather than consumer services.

Heroes Ep14
The ride continues and still gives me the nice shocks all the way through while slowly progressing the understanding, characterisation and plotlines - beautiful.

Worked up some more of the squarehouse as it stands. The more final plan should be with us on Friday which allow more permanent work without any need to shuffle later. This isnt slowing me down though, adding details and elements on the fly.

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