Thursday, 3 May 2007

Day119 Director3D & V-ray

Director3D samples
Deano (Dean Utian) sent through to me a couple of nice Director 3D samples from the web following our discussions on the way to and from CeBIT. Here are a couple of them - some are very nice actually:
* Snowglobe -
* Multiple -
* Vitual City Flyaround -
* Light Interactive -
* Information Interactive 2D -


This pearler of a renderer is a staple amongst architectural visualisation and a host of other areas. Their site ( isnt very good really, it has old news articles talking about upcoming plugins for Sketchup and Rhino etc - but nothing about them actually existing etc.
Despite the complete lack of useful info - here are 3 pics from their gallery (in the architecture section) which show how nicely it can render things up for us:

[images from the Chaosgroup/V-ray gallery site]

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