Friday, 4 May 2007

Day120 Photoshop CS3

Photoshop CS3
Yay, finally got my hands on this new juggernaught (Design Premium) from Adobe. I have played with Photoshop (Extended) only at this stage and am pretty impressed thus far. The new selection tools and filter methods are great and there is a good deal of polish in everything else.
One thing I was really hoping to see fixed was the inability to scroll an image away from the border of the work window (as you can do when you zoom way out). This silly window failing makes it really hard to work on the edges of images when you zoom in - grrrr.
Had a quick play with the 3D layer tool and it seemed to have potential along with the expanded vanishing point capabilities (which I am far from getting the hang of). The tools in the Liquify option are just super - you can see what happened to the eyes in my test pic below - just with a few simple clicks. Using the tablet seemed about the same as before, this was one of my test pics - full of fun stuff.

[just a silly test pic playing with the photoshop CS3 tools]

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