Sunday, 6 May 2007

Day122 Hammering

Hammering the Squarehouse
Set about building all the glazed walls as geometry to see how this works. The alternative is to use textures for them all and both have appeal in different ways. I still have plenty to learn about map logic in hammer (what should be grouped with what, with what settings - func_detail is proving a life saver, but interacting with these settings is weird. Viewing the settings and working in groups is messy in this area).
Compared to the place-holder texture walls I has in place until now, the new model looks great. It doesnt have the multi-layered transparency artifacts that were there previously and the frames and glass work together beautifully.
Here are a few shots of the current state first showing the main entrance, then a shot in the light-workshop with the 3D print room in the centre, then a shot from inside the computer room looking back out to the lockers:

[screenshots in Gmod/HL2 of the squarehouse map]

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