Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Day124 Squarehouse and Psyop

Got to show some people the current state of the squarehouse today. PM as a complete newby got to 'drive' after we showed him around briefly. He found it 'fun' to experience the space and liked the grungy look that came along with the HL2 textures I had used.
The model was already useful in demostrating some issues with the design such as storage in the office and space behind the shop counter.
Russ had a look as well and that got us talking about a whole heap of issues with peoples perceptions of the digital realm. Many find it hard to see schematically when presented with what look like finished graphics - so we may have dumb down things for some audiences while in the design stages. I will make a version of the model which is essentially all grey and with no fittings, then continue with the model I am working on but with all the trimmings fleshed out. On this front along being in gmod was great - we could fitout the office or storage areas quickly and they had instant visual recognition.


Grabbed GCFScape from Nem's website (http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=25) so I can grab the bits from the GCF files that I need to populate the squarehouse map. Simple things like the office chairs, dell computers and signage mdl files.
Mighty stuff Nem!


Russ showed my this super little company where one of his friends works, Psyop (http://www.psyop.tv/main.php). These guys do amazing things not only with the CG medium, but the ideas, expression, imagery, message clarity and pure enjoyment evident in the form are inspired. Some of my favourites in their little archive are: foxnascar, cocacola, motleybird, fanta - blimey they are all super.

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