Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Day125 Squarehouse Model

Hammering the Squarehouse
Today saw several new people get to experience the model. Some of them had never driven or even seen game interfaces like these, but after just a few minutes were navigating around and seeing past any 'schematic' pieces to see the potential of the tool, plus critiquing some of the design areas as they stand. Several things which in plan looked to have potential problems were definatively issues requiring change once experienced through the model.
This combined with more discussion was really exposing the potential of the medium to express a design. One thing that will be needed is a 'mini-map' - being so familiar with the plan I never get lost or lost my orientation, but people less familiar need more 'plan' references. Fitting out the spaces more than just the blank rooms also helped deliver feedback on locations, usage, space sizes and more.

One thing is for sure, this is great fun and proving useful all at the same time!!

Here are some screenshots of the current model with props added to flesh out some of the spaces and their usage. First a look into the computer room, then a view from inside the 'shop' out to the light workshop, then a look into the main office from the woodwork area and lastly a view back through the general workshop with the office in the distance as seen from the studios. The layers of glass produce a nice effect.

[screenshots of the squarehouse gmod/HL2/hammer model]

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