Friday, 11 May 2007

Day127 Cinema4D

Thinking about all the realtime work I have been doing with HL2 and previously the 3DSmax modelling - something that could come to mind that would fall in between would be Cinema4D.
The Maxon site ( has plenty of info on their flagship Cinema4D plus the now included Bodypaint 3D. Though the app does have a realtime walkthrough engine - it is actually quite basic whn compared with the likes of the full-blown gaming engines. Yet I have heard it can do some nice things - more investigation required!
The images below show that it is a fully fledged modeller, painter and renderer with a good range of capability. I have gone a little crazy and included a whole bunch of pics - but they show off the app and give me ideas.

[images from the Cinema4D site showing what the software can do]

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