Saturday, 12 May 2007

Day128 Sketching, Good Game and World in Conflict

Did a handful of sketches today - was nice to work with the paper again some more. I did some dancing, western and comical ones, plenty of fun. I will have to pick one and actually PS3 it.

Good Game
This nice little show ( on ABC2 is all about computer gaming, pretty much like a gaming magazine really. It is nice and Australian based, so we got to see them interview the makers (Auran Games) of Fury an Aussie build MMO coming our way. The game uses a modified version of the Unreal engine - but is very PvP-centric. They also previewed World in Conflict - mmmm awesome.

World in Conflict
Another title arriving this year to revitalise the RTS market, this one looks yummy. The visuals look truly stunning, the ideas and setting refreshing - has me looking forward to this sort of gaming again actually. Their site ( shows off the game - the trailer is just awesome. The Cold War setting grounds the game and immediately draws you into a world that is approachable yet interesting. It seems to be a game that while an RTS has more in common with things like Battlefield than other RTSes out there. The 'respawning' type gameplay without the bases certainly is a departure - so it will be interesting to see how it all feels. The feel of the whole thing from the trailers is so cinematic and close quarters - having this overlaid with the strategy could be a potent mix indeed.
Check out these screenshots from the game - yep ingame shots:

[screenshots of World in Conflict from their website]

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