Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Day132 Concept Cars

Concept Cars
As part of a branding exercise here are some of the 'concept cars' that I found to illustrate an image. This are is full of some very inspired design and thinking looking forward for us all. There are heaps of sports type concept cars that have a futuristic essence to them. The ones below have a style that isnt about testosterone - but rather just a cool factor that invokes positive forward looking thinking.

[Student concept from the Royal College of Art’s Masters (MA) Vehicle Design course]

[MIT Concept cars from the Gehry course, they have plenty on the site and this is a nifty sample]

[3 wheeler concept car (there are several out there) but the idea of a hybrid bike/car is still clever]

[Some amazing ideas from the Peurgeot design contest]

[Ross Lovegroves concept car design is just sooo clever. The idea that they park onto poles that lift the car up off the ground where they then operate as street lighting is super see his TED TALK]

[Pritzker Prize winner Zaha Hadid is one of our heroes and here is her Z-car concept ]

[This site has just sooo many wonderful examples of design these are just a couple of the car ones]

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