Thursday, 17 May 2007

Day133 MacFUSE & Google Analytics

Another inspired piece of software from the mids of those clever Google folk. MacFUSE ( allows the Mac to see all manner of data as if it were part of the file-system. The demo from the creators ( shows them mounting processes, Google Docs, Picasa etc. One of the features this allows is for the Mac to read/write NTFS3 which will get around my having to deal with 32GB FAT petitions (esp when I start my MDM)
This same FUSE logic can give you access to the Gmail file storage which is really extending the functionality of the total Google offering. This is one such implementation (

Google Analytics
The new version of the Google Analytics Service ( has arrived and shows off some really lovely interface work from the masters at Google. The dynamic Flash driven charts, maps and such interact beautifully and give a great way for people to see how their site visitors are behaving. Considering you can jump onto their tool for zip, this is another solid piece in the vast Google offering. The ability to see what searches bring up your site is nifty - obviously the stats for this little backwater blog dont show me enough to delve into things in much - but the potential is all there!!


There are a bunch of movies here or nearly here that I am deparate to see. They all have some serious CG integration and showcase the upper capability of this whole area. Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Dinosaurs 3D and Shrek3 = just look at all those 3s :-)
Then a little later there is Fantastic Four 2 and the surprising Transformers!

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