Sunday, 20 May 2007

Day136 Starcraft2 & RoboBlitz

Yes Blizzard has a sequal coming for the might that was starcraft - enter Starcraft2 ( One of the excellent things that the original Starcraft gave us was the variation in the style and feel of the 3 races in the one game. I liked maps with scarce resources that invited decisions to be made - speaking of which a random map option was a major problem for me.
The Blizzard site has actually been taken over by the announcement of this baby and their site is super. The game bits look interesting but very much in the vain of the original with the 3D changes you would expect in a new title.
For me it is the trailer that has me excited. These Blizzard guys sure know how to wield a CG trailer!! I like the patience of seeing the marine slowly come into being and the solid reality feel of the process and the character is gorgeous (just like the WoW equivalents). The animation works very well blending the mechanical (both heavy and gangly) and the relative softness of a hardened criminals flesh, muscles and tendons. I like the weight effects on the marine, like his feet and when his arms are lifted. The music, shot selection, lighting etc are all top notch as well - I wonder when we will get a game that could deliver this sort of experience from them (or anyone actually).
Here are a couple of images from the site - just to show what they are all about - but it is the trailer that does it for me.

[screenshots and imagery from Starcraft2 found on their site - got these versions from the IGN site though as they grabbed them out of the flash already]


Found this little title on Steam - RoboBlitz ( This little baby uses the Unreal3 engine to deliver all its physics and graphics fun. The site says it comes with the Editor - droool cant wait to try that. Now just need to wait for the download... [taps foot impatiently]
Well the game is smooth and pretty fun actually - only got through the first main puzzle thus far - and though I can see polish areas that a big professional title would have - for a little game it is beautifully realised in teh U3 engine.
Here are some ingame shots for you showing what a little title can do with the engine:

[Screenshots of RoboBlitz from their site]

I got as far as firing it up and having a look - there are sooo many tools there that it will take some learning. I opened up one of the maps and had a look through some of the assets - looks great.

[screenshot of one of the included models/maps inside the editor]

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