Monday, 21 May 2007

Day137 Autodesk Event and "Phillip"

Autodesk Event - Lustre and Maya
Lights, Camera, Action, and More here in Sydney was the start of Autodesk's digital film event tour. We got to see two main presentations, the first by Tracey Williams who showed off their use of DI (Digital Intermediate) to adjust the lighting and colour across more traditional film work using Lustre. The second presentation was by Chuck McIlvain from Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) on the wonders they creating, particularly focused on Spiderman 3. He showed off some show reel type work from a range of films including the Spiderman series, Superman and Monster House amongst others. The bulk of his presentation was running through the technology and process involved in making a whole host of shots. I was mighty impressed with the capability and technology employed in abundance everwhere in the film. He genuinely enjoys the work he does as well as the finished product - inspirational. Product wise there was plenty of focus on Maya and the MEL code they have developed to do the extra bits.
One thing that came through clearly though was the specialisation required on a production of this scale - everyone has very narrow and defined roles (say rigging) and even that coul dbe a team of people.

The venue was cinema 8 up on level 3 of the Hoytes complex at the Entertainment Precinct (old Fox Studios) and I was very impressed with how a setup like this can work. Autodesk brought with them a fair amount of kit to make it all happen, but having the seating, lighting, sound and the huge screen was perfect for such a thing. Plus there was a catering section for afterwards - have to keep it in mind for later.


A short film by David John Kelly. Well this is a big leap for Dave and shows that he now has access to people and resources to get a project like this all the way through. I couldnt be more proud of the piece, it is nicely put together and reveals quality everywhere - but it is the whole that shines through the minefield of improvements that one could desire. I can see possible integration of CG into his projects in a future yet to be written - that would be awesome.
Plus Vroomy made a great Principal.

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