Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Day139 GMod Extras

GMod Extras
I dove onto the Garry's mod site again today and decided to give all these babies a whirl. They all relate to the changes we are thinking about for Architectural type design and visualisation. Some are for in-game editing control, others to de-combat the feel or give us better mod controls.
These 3 were built for GMod10 and work like a charm following the instructions for where the files should go:
Align Tool []
This works, but is very limited as it seems to only operate in the 1 axis for me. Since the standard physics gun (using SHIFT-E) can do 45 degree snapping anyhow - this tool has some way to go before being super.
Smart Snap []
This tool looked at first to be awesome, but all it really does is grid things up for snapping on things like balloons, ropes etc. It would be far more useful if you could use it to snap in spawned objects as well.
Smart Welder []
This is a simple time saver, so once you get things where you want them - having a tool like this to bind them in one hit means that you wont accidentally miss one before you unfreeze them all :-)

These 2 are addons for GMod9 and I just need to work out how to get them into a folder that will pick up the weapon additions/changes.
Measurement Gun []
Physics Gloves []
The first would just give us some dimensional clarity and the second allow us to physics away with gloves rather than weapon looking tools. If this is simple enough, then we can replace all the tools etc with gloves of varying types/colours to make it all less 'combaty'.

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