Sunday, 27 May 2007

Day143 ZBrush 3

ZBrush 3 arrives
I had a little peek at what was coming in the preview section of the Pixologic site ( for Zbrush3 a few weeks ago. Well now it has arrived and there is a great review on CGSociety ( which covers the suped up and new features that will have sculptors drooling. Things like polypainting (painting without a UVmap), transpose (posing), gravity, brushes galore, the rake tools, layers and so much more. There is no doubt that ZBrush delivers freedom to the sculptor like never before, I am unsure though how the exact capabilities compare with its competition like Mudbox, Hexagon etc etc. I am also not sure how lovely the interface with Maya, rigging and animation is - it is obviously done, but how nice is it? Regarless of the answers to these questions the software is outstanding and I cant wait to get into sculpting with a tool of this quality.

[images from ZBrush3 artists featured in the CGS review]

There are heaps more images of sculptors over in the Beta (of ZB3) section on BrushCentral () and these are a few images from this extensive (and inspired set).

[images from ZBrushCentral of various artists work using the ZBrush 3 beta]

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