Thursday, 31 May 2007

Day147 Digital Presentations and Falling Water

Digital Presentations
Spent time in several ways today looking at what the future of a digital design presentation (includings crits and juries) might take. What interfaces are required/desirable/appropriate and what elements might make up a presentation of this type. At present the idea of building an interface (say flash/director) that could bind a design scheme is a good one but is probably beyond us. I say this only because we would want to integrate things like Google Earth, HL2, Sketchup, etc right into a presentation - so for now we may have to live with Windows being the glue. Perhaps we could look at a facelift for it that de-windowsified the look'n'feel somehow?

The display and Microsoft Surface > The idea of large format touch sensitive screens is an obvious way to build an interactive and expressive interface to a design. This video ( of Microsoft's Surface technology shows off a whole range of interesting things. One to take notice of is how nicely the large screen works on the wall. I can see this sort of screen making for such a stunning presentation interface that no-one would ever want to pin up drawings ever again.

My previous thinking on the idea ( by integrating a pair of 50" plasmas into the basic presentation kit to be used in the redeveloped exhibition space is perhaps not exciting enough. If we go without portability then perhaps other options open up?

Just to inspire a little further, if you look at where Panasonic is taking us ( - huge interactive screens are what it is all about. We should be heading here!

[image of the huge screen at Panasonic from the Gizmodo site]

But why stop there - here ( is something fun that would work really nicely in a building like the Red Centre (with all its glass). So the display in this Ralph Lauren storefront is semi-transparent allowing the interaction and the view through to say an exhibition beyond. Would love to see it in the flesh.

[image from the reddphotography site of in-window touch display]
Falling Water HL2 Model
I had more of a look at the Falling Water (Kaufman House) by Kasperg and am still mighty impressed. See ( for more. It was nice to show it off to a few people at FBE today - sparking some nice discussion, not just about this particular piece of famous architecture, but about the value of models like this.
Here is the classic view I captured from within the model - note that to get this view I jump down into the river past the waterfall bit :-)

[screenshot from in Kasperg's FallingWater HL2 model]

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