Saturday, 2 June 2007

Day149 QuadroPlex

NVidias QuadroPlex 1000
There are several hardware solutions out there to add some grunt to rendering like the Raybox - here I have a peek at graphics grunt. This beast from NVidia ( the Quadro Plex 1000. The tech specs just read off the charts in my mind - but here are a few just to hint at the firepower that dwells within say the IV model: 2 x Quadro FX 5600s with 1.5GBs of frame buffer per GPU. This is a serious box with a serious price-tag and if reviews ( can be believed we are talking 80 billion pixels per second throughput - whew. But then you can join a pair of these beasts together and rack mount them - but why stop there - a rack full of them would be graphics grunt beyond all reason :-)

[image of the standalone and a rack full of nvidia quadro plex 1000s - note the scale difference]

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