Sunday, 3 June 2007

Day150 Sketchup

A look at some of the sketchup capabilities, plugins, modelling vids and more:

Vray Sketchup
The introduction of rendering firepower of the likes of Vray right into sketchup as a plugin ( brings another level of capability to the mighty sketchup. Jeremy has played with the trial already and seemed very enthusiastic that his favourite modeller is now teamed up with his renderer of choise as well.

[images from the asgvis site showing what vray for sketchup can do]

Podium Sketchup
There are more renderers for Sketchup than the famous Vray. The Podium plugin ( shows what can be achieved with a smaller outlay. Their gallery has some more nice things to inspire experimentation in this area (

[images from the suplugins site of Podium for sketchup]

IRender Sketchup
Why stop there, IRender ( is another renderer that slots right into Sketchup. The idea again is introduce capabilities allowing us all to dish out photrealistic images straight from the geometry and functionality of Sketchup. The pro version adds a library and a few more features - here are some images:

[images from the renderplus site of rendering from sketchup]

GiantMonster Sketchup
The guys at GiantMonster ( are doing some interesting sketchup modelling. These images show off the character modelling side, plus I love the big image on their homepage (the 4th one).

[images from showing off their sketchup work]

Youtube Sketchups
There are plenty of vids on Youtube showing off sketchup work like:

Sketchup Bits
The Bonus Packs ( from Google gives us a host of library bits without going to 3D Warehouse. I installed a bunch of these and it makes life easier - I thought it would be nice to include here a pic or 2 of the styles that come along for the ride in Sketchup:

[2 of the built-in visual styles we can play with]
It was fun to see the admiration that this little application has about the traps. It is certainly more than a quirky newcomer - it is taking over everywhere due to the sheer beauty of the interface, the support and pricing. I have fond memories of my first play with Sketchup and it is nice to see new user share the same delight. The interface is something that the big-guns of cad and modelling should really take notice of - it makes the complexity we see in other apps now feel crazy.
I enjoyed watching a stack of the video tutes - some very nice functionality that shows off just how much can be done with the seemingly simple toolset.
Oh and YAY for Day150 :-)

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