Monday, 4 June 2007

Day151 Zootfly and docs

The folk at Zootfly ( have created Xubl which perports to be a full plugin for Maya that extends the functionality to realtime gaming in a big way. The site lists a set of features that any current/future game engine would be proud of and all built inside the Maya front-end. The site states that for non-commercial use the download of Xubl will be free, and teamed up with the Maya PLE edition one could Mod at will for free.

So what can this baby do? Well since it is still coming it is a little hard to tell yet - but the videos on the site are nifty. Some of the vids are of Panzer Elite which looks like it has some nice graphical moments, but the best stuff seems to be from Time0 ( which is built using Xubl and looks pretty darn sexy - some links to youtube versions of the teaser trailers (bigger ones on their site):
and some screenshots:

[screenshots of Time0 from their site]
Journey Docs and Macs
I did some wok on my Google Docs record keeping for all my expenses on this grand journey - now that it is 150 days old. Even though Google Docs in not everything to everyone it is very clever for a free online app of this type. My expenses arent too out of control yet either, I guess that will change when my uni fees kick in. Well when I say not out of control the total is over $780 bucks - so not just a few dinners :-)

Plus, should I get a Mac for my MDM program at COFA - shock horror...
More on this in days to come as I try and work out how I might study using the M90 in the Mac environment that awaits me for the next 4 sessions (minimum). Should it dual boot Windows? Should I wait for Leopard? Is something better than parallels coming? etc???
I havent been the biggest supporter of the Mac - mostly because there are just too many sexy applications that were lost to the Mac users. Now they are slightly more available - perhaps having access to both worlds could work??? I certainly like many things about the OS and the hardware is gorgeous (if limited).

[images of those lovely Macbooks from the Apple site]

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