Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Day153 TRA and sketchup to UT3

Tomb Raider: Anniversary (TRA) Playing
Started the main campaign today and was really enjoying myself. It leads you in slowly, showing the various moves that can be done and having never played with the grappling iron before that was nifty. There are several bits already that bring back long lost memories of the original - kinda like Jeja-vu than a clear memory. I still get shocked by things and cringe it when Lara falls to her death or drowns etc - eek.

[screenshot of me ingame - this is shrunken and jpeged through a screengrab]

Sketchup to Roboblitz/UT3 via ruby plugin
Tag teaming with Russell we got a plugin (thanks Belgabor for this gem) for Sketchup which let us export to .ASE and then import into the Roboblotz Enreal Editor as a static mesh (line collision) with no texture yet. But this then bring in geometry just like that into the new engine. There is still some way to go with things like smoothing groups, textures and more complex collision mesh importing - but this is still progress.
The logic should work fine with the older UT2004 engine and editor as well which gives us different capabilities.
Will these logics ever get us to HL2 or Crysis etc is a good question??

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