Thursday, 7 June 2007

Day154 MacBookPro etc

New MacBook Pros
My thinking on whether to get myself a MacBook Pro took another turn today with the release of the new models ( Still the same slick form-factor but now with a boost to performance that make it more tempting. The main upgrade of note is the change from the X1600 to the nice new 6800M GT (256MB) for the graphics. This changes the whole ballgame - now wandering around with a 15" macbookpro that can boot to either the MacOS or to XP is viable.
I havent worked out whether this is a sane plan yet - does dual booting really work in reality? Is there enough of a reason to go down this road? Will I end up carrying an M90 and a MacbookPro on my back - scary? Maybe working with 2 machines at once will have its advantages - one could render away while I work on the other for example...

[image of the new macbookpros from the Apple site]


More Tomb Raiding and bunch of discussions around digital presetation tech round out today. The way the water effects work in TRA is very nice, she makes nice splashes and is all dripping wet for a while after she gets wet.

[screenshot of my playing TRA]

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