Friday, 8 June 2007

Day155 More Surface and Presentation Ideas

Microsoft Surface
In their recent piece of spam Microsoft again was pushing the Surface technology - this is certainly looking like no small piece of whimsy on their part. The email links to this ( presentation. In this presentation we get to see the apps that show up in others in more depth, though they mention Vista being at the core - all the applications are essentially free standing apps. It would be great if the same 'hardware' could just load up Vista to run as-is.


Sony Flexi Screen
This link ( also came through the Microsoft spam. This sort ot technology could have a profound impact on the integration of computers in a way that means the screens can fit the area or usage rather than the other way around. Have a look at the image - how sexy is that!!
some utube vid links:

[image of a sony test flexible screen from the Akihabara News site]


mid-sized Architecture student exhibitions were tonight and though we had 4 projectors running through student work imagery - it still doesnt have the impact that we are aiming at with a digital-centric studio and exhibition setup.

maybe huge touch screens like these:

[image of large format touch screen from the electroboard site]

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