Saturday, 9 June 2007

Day156 Dr Who

Dr Who
So this weekend UKTV ( gifts us with a marathon of both the new seasons. There are little snippets of CG work throughout the series which help the whole thing hang together. Some of the episodes are very moody, scary and no small amount of disturbing - great stuff - or should that be "Fantastic" :-)
Loved the series1 marathon - so many good moments packed into a looong day. There is actually a fair amount of CG and other kinds of special effects work throughout the series. The whole thing manages to deal with serious issues without them coming across in the same way American shows often do. The ride is always exciting, thought provoking and with the depth of history behind hte show full of dimension and character.

[dalek image from the UKTV site from Dr Who]


Noah's 3D
This little site ( shows off the work of Noah Brewer who has done some work in bringing the traditional anime of Bubblegum Crisis into 3D. Some pretty amazing work for a single guy - showing off the full box 'n' dice.

[images from Noah's site og his CG work]


Also came across 3Dcreative ( which I will have to have a closer look at...

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